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Tessa Seymour
Cellist Tessa Seymour, committed to a repertoire that cuts across genres and brings to life contemporary and established works alike, made her televised Carnegie Hall debut in 2006 and has since been performing in Europe, Asia and the US, both as soloist and a chamber musician. 

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In October 2016, Tessa Seymour embarked on a nationwide tour of the US, playing hour-long concerts in private homes, galleries, museums, historic sites, hotels, churches, an airplane, and of course a few concert halls. Starting from her native city of Berkeley, CA, and ending two months later in Southampton, NY, she played a total of 28 individually arranged and independently produced and promoted salon concerts that attracted thousands of attendees. With no institutional affiliations or recourse to local networks and promotional efforts, Tessa relied exclusively on one thing to attract audiences: her music.
During the tour’s run, Tessa visited over forty cities in thirty-two states and travelled a total of 11,400 miles, presenting an elaborate and very thoughtfully curated hour-long solo cello program of part classical, part contemporary repertoire that ranged from Bach’s Cello Suites to the wonderful music of Kodaly, Sollima, and Ligeti.
In the process, she drew inspiration from the breathtaking vastness of the American land, but also the local culture, the deep historical roots, and the diversity of people and places she encountered, many of whom who do not live in the cultural metropolises of the US rarely have the chance to experience a show of this standard. Yet, the tour, a feat never before attempted by a musician of her calibre, was a resounding success. Most venues were packed with crowds that spun across such a wide variety of walks of life that one would never encounter in a formal concert hall: from orchestra directors and journalists to curious walk-ins and first-timers, this was grassroots classical music performing at its finest.