Cellist Tessa Seymour, committed to a repertoire that cuts across genres and brings to life contemporary and established works alike, made her televised Carnegie Hall debut in 2006 and has since been performing in Europe, Asia and the US, both as soloist and a chamber musician.




︎ contessatura

In the age of Coronavirus, live classical music has been pushed to the edge. From small chamber hall to the grand auditorium, public venue doors around the world have all been shuttered due to the social contact risks they pose.

In this time where I, as a classical cellist, cannot perform my work in the public sphere, I am embracing the convenient and global reach of technology, and offering to my audience personal, private cello concerts over video call. During these 45-minute one-on-one sessions, I will present you a programme of my choosing (Or of yours! Requests will certainly be honoured!) and a chance to chat with me about all things musical— all from the comfort of your home. Join me in rekindling live music through the candid and intimate experience of a private concert.

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